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Landlord/Tenant Attorney in Montville, New Jersey

Resolve a Landlord-Tenant Dispute Fairly

Landlord-Tenant Law Attorney in Montville, NJ

The Law Office Of Benjamin J. Campos LLC works hard to protect landlord and tenant rights in Montville, NJ. [REMOVE: Attorney] BENJAMIN Campos focused on eviction disputes-he's well-versed in New Jersey eviction laws, and he'll represent you if your landlord has improperly filed an eviction action against you. Landlords have used the law office of Benjamin J. Campos to assist in non-payment of rent cases or general issues with tenants. Schedule a consultation with a landlord-tenant attorney in Montville, NJ today.

Get The Support You Need

When Do You Need a Landlord-Tenant Attorney?

When you're involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, you need an attorney who is well-versed in landlord-tenant law. You should reach out to the Law Office Of Benjamin J. Campos LLC in Montville, NJ right away if:

  • You're a tenant, and your landlord has served you with a notice.

  • You're a tenant and you have been served with eviction papers/tenancy summons.

  • You're a landlord, and you have a problem with a tenant, or need to file an action against a tenant.

  • You need an attorney to prepare or review a lease agreement.

Benjamin Campos has the experience and legal insight needed to answer your questions about any area of landlord-tenant law, such as eviction. You don't have to remain in the same contentious situation. Having a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through your situation can help you find a solution. Put a skilled landlord/tenant attorney to work on your case and move toward a fair outcome.

If you are in the Montville, New Jersey area and you are seeking legal representation in a landlord/tenant matter, contact the Law Office of Benjamin J. Campos LLC today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.